escort anais


Age    32
Height    167 cm
Measurements    85C
Weight    118 lbs
Eye Colour    blue
Hair Colour    chestnut
Languages    English, French
Nationality    French
Rates/Currency:    2000€ for 12 hours

“Beautiful model, FMH cover girl, Playboy playmate who has appeared many times in leading magazines always travelling around the world. Anais has natural class and a lovely smile to match. She’s fun, understanding and truly romantic.”



For many gentlemen, the unfortunate reality to escort dating is that most escorts aren’t natural in some way. Either their breasts have been increased, their lips injected, or their hair added to. What many escort girls low on self-confidence don’t realize is that men crave natural beauty. It’s a concept so steeped in human evolution that, many men crave natural women without even realizing it. In Ibiza, the refreshing reality is that most escorts and women possess nothing but a bit of makeup and their god-given beauties.

In Escorts Ibiza region, it is hard to decipher between the young, beautiful Spanish woman and the Ibiza escort girl. This is because either one could be in college. Also, regardless of whether she’s an escort or not, she will be at Ibiza for one of two reasons: beaches or electronic music. Sometimes both factors serve as reasons for women to reside or stay in Ibiza. All gentlemen generally have to do is act as though they are in Ibiza for one of those reasons, and befriend a young woman over it. Ibiza is naturally very easy to pick up dates, but for contingency dates, keep Ibiza escort agencies in mind.

Ibiza weather is one of the driving factors to Ibiza tourism. It serves as the third largest reason for tourism officially; the forth ranked reason is considered unofficial, and is kept secret. The forth reason is of course beautiful Ibiza escorts, and leading into 2015, it is perhaps now one of the top three reasons why gentlemen travel to Ibiza. English gentlemen with money enjoy the exotic beauty that is an Ibiza escort. A humorous aspect is that many travel to Ibiza with hopes of meeting a Spanish escort, when in reality they acquire the services of a Russian escort in Ibiza, and have a great experience nonetheless. The lack of physical augmentations to all Ibiza escorts is what fuels that passion of the escort patrons. Women who don’t require cosmetic boosts to exude confidence is incredibly arousing to their male company.

For other benefits and reasons to go to Ibiza, the local cuisine serves as an honourable mention to plethora of main course-type women. Go to any of Ibiza’s fine establishments for an appetizer and beverage, and your date will identify you as the classy, tasteful man that you are. Café Del Mar or the Hard Rock Café in Ibiza are both safe choices, but there are other, more adventurous eateries in Ibiza if the couple so chooses. Eating is the ideal form by which couples should in Ibiza. Most Ibiza escorts are actually good girls, who still believe in true romance. In general they are simply looking to establish trust in their dates. Ibiza escort patrons mainly look to do the same thing, as they often think of the idiom “too good to be true”, while they’re on their dates with such breathtaking Ibiza escorts.