escort ashley


Age    30
Height    5’9
Measurements    34F BUST
Weight    SIZE 10
Eye Colour    brown
Hair Colour    Long brown
Languages    Span,Engl
Nationality    English/South American
Rates/Currency:    Email me for rates!

“I am an English mixed race south American girl. Very light skinned, 30 (although look alot younger) and stand a leggy 5ft 9′ in height, and am a slender size 10, 34 F bust and I have long brown hair beautiful big brown eyes and (so my regulars tell me) totally, absolutely gorgeous.

I am an elegant young lady, with a passion for music, dancing, good food and fine wine. I enjoy theatre, as well as clubbing and meeting new and interesting people, however I am equally at home on more informal appointments. I am well educated and am able to have an input in any conversation at any level”

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